A circus is a company of performers who put on diverse entertainment shows that may include clowns, acrobats, trained animals, musicians, dancers,  tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, strongman, as well as others.

The Bremen Town Musicians
DOG – Erica Linn
CAT – Bailey Pedenelli
DONKEY – Kailey Streeter
FARMER – Allison Murdoch

The Billy Goats Gruff
BABY GOAT – Samantha Frazier
BROTHER GOAT – Whitney Woodworth
BIG GOAT – Jaden Pierce
TROLL – Abigail Hunt

Monkey See, Monkey Do
HAT MAN – Samantha Scherer
MONKEY 1 – Emily Jones
MONKEY 2 – Lillian Murdoch
MONKEY 3 – Makenna Hodges
MONKEY 4 – Hannah Powell
MONKEY 5 – Addison Martin
MONKEY 6 – Ella Jamil
MONKEY 7 – Casey Ladd
MONKEY 8 - Collin Ladd
MONKEY 9 - Khloe Myers
MONKEY 10 - Julia Schroeder

The Lion and the Mouse
LION – Megan Kessler
MOUSE – Melanie Walker
HUNTER 1 – Mason Crouse
HUNTER 2 – Thomas Jones
HUNTER 3 – James Murdoch

The Magic Fish
FISHERMAN – Logan Cieszkowski
ETHEL – Tessa Shepherd
MAGIC FISH – Julia Scherer
​​RINGMASTER – Samarah Saggers


Samantha Scherer

Ella Jamil, James Murdoch, Jaden Pierce

Samantha Frazier, Emily Jones, Addison Martin, Khloe Myers

Erica Linn, Allison Murdoch, Julia Scherer

Thomas Jones, Casey Ladd, Whitney Woodworth

Amazing feats
Makenna Hodges, Lillian Murdoch, Kailey Streeter, Melanie Walker

Strong Men
Logan Cieszkowski, Mason Crouse, Collin Ladd

Trained Animals
Abigail Hunt, Megan Kessler, Bailey Pedenelli, Hannah Powell, Julia Schroeder, Tessa Shepherd


Come one!  Come all!  Step right up! 
Watch the greatest stories on Earth come alive under the big top! 

It’s a circus full of laughter and lively storytelling as the ringmaster and players perform a variety of well-known tales such as “The Bremen Town Musicians,” “The Billy Goats Gruff,” “The Lion and the Mouse,” “Monkey See, Monkey Do” and “The Magic Fish.”